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International Background
Due Diligence Investigations

Since 1993, BCRCS has specialized in providing risk mitigation services through international background due diligence. BCRCS provides a comprehensive international background check service offering in Asia, North America, Europe, South America, the Middle East and Africa. The information obtained can be subject to limited availability depending on specific laws and regulations in the jurisdiction being investigated. For example, some countries maintain paper records at local jurisdictions which could delay the turn-around times.

Our international background check targets:

          Civil Litigation Searches
          Criminal Searches
          Credit Searches
          Driving Records
          Educational Verification
          Employment Verification
          Financial Regulatory Searches
          Professional License Verification
          Sanction Searches
          Local Media/Internet Search
          Worldwide Media
          Global Security Risk Watchlist
          Office of Foreign Asset Control
          Worldwide Government Sanctions
          Insolvency Filings
          Judgement Filings
          Business Affiliation Search
          Tax Lien Filings

BCRCS is one of the nation’s leading authorities regarding comprehensive international background due diligence investigations on individuals and business entities.

BCRCS services are far more detailed than a simple background check. Our team of professionals are skilled at conducting in-depth comprehensive background due diligence investigations in numerous worldwide jurisdictions to ensure our clients are receiving the most updated and validated information available. BCRCS due diligence investigations are designed to cover four main areas financial, regulatory, character and legal. The BCRCS team builds profiles in these critical areas to further assist our clients in “de-risking” their investments. BCRCS, through its global network, deploys onsite resources that capture pertinent public and non-public key data for all investigations.

To learn how we can assist you with International Background Due Diligence Investigations please contact us at 888-922-7270 Ext.114
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"How to Avoid the 5 Most Costly Mistakes Regarding International Background Checks"

Business Capital Risk Control Services (BCRCS) is one of the nation’s leading International Background Investigations firms.

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"How to Avoid the 5 Most Costly Mistakes Regarding International Background Checks"






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