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How do I place a search assignment?

  Placement can be made either through:

   -direct placement link found on our website
   -electronic remittance of placement form
   -via fax

Will I receive an acknowledgment of receipt?

  Confirmation will be remitted through email or via fax.

What is the typical fee and turnaround of a background investigation?

  The fee will be predicated on the following:

   -Scope of the investigation case.
    (Multiple jurisdictions, Multiple individuals/entities, etc.)
   -Geographic areas to be researched.
   -Inherent complexity of search.
   -International research vs Domestic research.

  The turnaround will be contingent upon:

   -Scope of the vetting case
   -International research vs Domestic research

Note: BCRCS is sensitive and responsive to our client's need for immediate intelligence.
Our diverse product line is designed to satisfy the time sensitivity of our clients.

What do I need to provide you?

  Each background investigation is unique but the following items are routinely provided
by our clients:

   -Consent and Release form (Executed by the subject of the vetting profile).
   -Application (Credit, Loan, Equity, Employment)
   -Subject Name, Address, Tax ID, DOB

Can BCRCS perform covert (discreet) and overt (indiscreet) vetting research?

  Our research team can process the investigation work on either a covert or overt basis. The majority of vetting cases are performed on an overt or indiscreet basis. In the event of an overt investigation, the subject is entirely aware of the background screening that is performed by BCRCS.

  BCRCS policy is to unconditionally conduct research within the guidelines established by all Federal/State Privacy laws. BCRCS also maintains internal policies governing the vetting cases that we will accept for vetting investigations. All cases must meet BCRCS criteria for complying with appropriate ethical reasons, good faith and authenticated Business and Commercial Purposes.

Are your services prepackaged or can I customize the search?

  BCRCS has meticulously created a layered bundle of services that we recommend based on our experience and past client needs. The various search levels have been created to accommodate our client’s budget, scope of investigation and turnaround “conversion” time.

  Our Business Development Consulting Team is available to review your specific circumstances and to issue a recommendation. BCRCS also offers the client the opportunity to customize their search needs and receive appropriate direction from one of our Business Development Consultants.


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